Hotel Sanderson: Soho, London


Lucky us. We were fortunate to head to this party town AND we got to stay in this fantastic property in the bustling locale of Soho.

The Sanderson is part of the ever-so-stylish Morgans Hotel Group which, if you didn’t know, commands a fleet of spunky properties that just ooooze style. The group has properties dotted in the UK and US and all are equally as impressive, though slightly different in their angle. Now – don’t get me wrong – you either love, or hate, the ultra-modern design and overt minimalism that The Sanderson is known for. Tripadvisor is full of war stories such as:

“An office block pretending to be a hotel”“Don’t believe the hype”
“Style over comfort. 5star prices – 0star customer service”

Oh please… cry me a river. Perhaps a standard room at the Novotel would be more suitable for these people. But I digress…

We arrived after an epic Etihad journey and pulled up outside a building that resembled a communist office block (perhaps the Tripadvisor whinger was right I questioned). We walked through the unassuming doors into a foyer obviously inspired by Alice in Wonderland. This was certainly no Novotel.

We were lucky to be staying  in a Loft With Balcony room which was located on the upper level and, as the name suggests, had an outdoor balcony. The room itself is quite unnerving because the bathroom and bedroom is separated by a glass pane, though for modesty or privacy a curtain is available to be drawn. Fairly odd. But not quite as odd as the goose chair or the accompanying giant sized goose egg that really serves no purpose. Other than to be stylish and oh-so-modern.

The bed sat mid room and had a small chair and desk behind the headboard – the TV and minibar were located in a cabinet in the corner of the room. The bed itself was very comfortable – and I should know… we shared hangover after hangover between those sheets. The amenities in the bathroom were top notch – you could even buy full sized versions of the shampoo/conditioner to take home with you (which we did). The room service was fantastic and the service from the hotel staff was exemplary.

The bar at ground level was a great way to catch-up with friends for a quick drink after work. The cocktails were pricy, but this isn’t some corner pub. The location was perfect and we could walk to the nearby Soho nightclubs and restaurants… couldn’t ask for anything more really.

We had a great time at the Sanderson and i’m sure you will too. Just leave your Nana at home.


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    1. Savvy Sally says:

      Love the Sanderson!

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