Qantas chucks the Jumbo’s back on to LAX-JFK!


Qantas previously offerred flights to New York via Los Angeles on its 747-400 aircraft but some time ago pulled the jumbo’s off the route citing low demand. This caused outrage for first class flyers who had to downgrade to business class on the LAX-JFK leg. It also meant doom for premium economy passengers had to downgrade to economy for the last 5 hour leg of their journey.

Well, from 6 May 2012 Qantas is putting the 747-400 back on the LAX-JFK route and there are special fares floating around to celebrate (check out the website link below). We think this is great news for travellers as they can now again fly their class of choice for the entire journey to JFK, which just wasn’t possible on the smaller Qantas aircraft. Go team Qantas!

You can find more details on the Qantas website.



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