‘FortyTwo’ Luxury Holiday Rental, Queenstown


FortyTwo Lounge and Dining

“Spacious, immaculate and carefully considered 42 sets a new standard for luxury accommodation in New Zealand.”

My partner and I arranged with some friends to escape the hustle and bustle of Sydney and head over to Queenstown, New Zealand for a week of well-deserved rest and relaxation. For those readers who have never heard of Queenstown, it is a chic ski resort in the Otago region of New Zealand’s South Island – it’s a little bit of the Swiss Alps right here in the South Pacific.

Whilst looking at potential accommodation options we were spoilt for choice: Queenstown itself has a number of great accommodation choices such as Sofitel, Hilton and Eichardt’s (to name just a few). We decided however that we wanted to have a more intimate experience so agreed to look into the private home rental market – if we pooled our money we would have a decent chance at finding something spectacular. And we did!

On a previous visit to Queenstown we had used ‘Touch of Spice’ who manage a long list of luxury private rentals so we also engaged them on this trip. Our delightful ‘Touch of Spice’ rep provided a few options however the choice we unanimously fell in love with was 42: a three bedroom property commanding stunning views and to-die-for facilities.

‘FortyTwo’ View from Lounge

The Location

The property is a rough 5-10 minute walk to and from the centre of Queenstown so it is perfectly situated. Please note however that the property is elevated from ground level on the side of a hill, so those who are unfit or who prefer to remain stationary whilst on vacation may find the walk somewhat tiring. The property is situated on ‘Man St’ which runs directly into the centre of town – it’s impossible to get lost.

The House & Facilities

This multi level property has three bedrooms, with the master bedroom on the top level and two others on lower ground level (one with a king bed, the other with two singles) – we called these two bedrooms “the maids quarters” given the comparison to the palatial size and fit-out of the master bedroom. All bedrooms came with en-suites and descent sized walk-in wardrobes. The beds were comfortable, the pillows were fluffy and the Manchester was top quality. Lush.

FortyTwo 42 Master Bedroom

FortyTwo Master Bathroom

The ground floor separates the two bedroom floors and contains the living / dining areas and the kitchen. The living room has a flat screen television, elaborate sound system and an oversized fluffy couch that really made us feel like we were resting on clouds. Many bottles of red-wine were consumed in front of the fireplace on that couch let me tell you! The kitchen was as good as they come with every convenience that one could expect from such a property – though we only used the kitchen for breakfasts.

FortyTwo Dining and View

FortyTwo Kitchen

The floor to ceiling windows provide extremely photogenic views of Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu and the never ending mountain ranges that surround the town – we would often catch ourselves just gazing out the windows taking in the landscapes that lay before us. Simply alluring.

The Verdict

We had an amazing time at this property as it had everything we required to make our holiday perfect. We can highly recommend travellers take advantage of holiday rental accommodation choices such as 42: it’s cost effective, intimate and allows you the privacy to do what you like, when you like. Yes you don’t get the daily room clean or on-demand room services a hotel affords, but you wouldn’t get this much space and seclusion at a hotel for a similar price. The breathtaking views alone were worth the daily tariff. The ‘Touch of Spice’ team looked after us and provided great advice on what to do in the town during our visit.

We Love:

+ Location
+ Views
+ Overall facilities and fitout of the property
+ Kitchen
+ Inbuilt sound system in every bedroom
+ Bath & double shower in the master bathroom overlooking Queenstown
+ Home office with iMac on the top level
+ Fireplace in the lounge
+ In room TV’s
+ ‘Touch of Spice’ concierge team

Not so Much:

– Elaborate entertainment system was difficult to use at times (and no instructions were provided)
– Property only receives morning sun
– Steep incline on the walk from town

Cost / More Information

The property costs between $1000 – $1900 (NZD) per night (depending on the time of year). We paid roughly $1300 a night as we were visiting in the shoulder Autumn season before Easter – though split this between two couples the cost was on par with what we would be paying at a hotel anyway so it represented good value for us.

The property has it’s own website which is available here.
Touch of Spice has a fleet of other properties which you can check out here.

This was a self-funded trip.


2 Responses to ‘FortyTwo’ Luxury Holiday Rental, Queenstown

  1. Homer says:

    Nice report and photos as usual Hayden. But when I'm documenting hotel rooms with pics, as I do for all the nice ones, I make the girls stand behind me when we first arrive and I get my shots while the room is presented the way it will look to others when they arrive. I think that would be better than taking shots after you throw your shoes off, lift the toilet seat up (and leave it up!) and have a roll on the bed… ;)

  2. Hayden says:

    Good point Homer – normally I do just that but I wasn't quick enough on this occasion – people had arrived at the property before I got there… It's a good thing i'm not working for the managing agent :)

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