Pebble Beach Motor Inn – Napier, New Zealand


Pebble Beach Motor Inn, Napier

This property is #1 on Tripadvisor for Napier/Hastings in New Zealand. I thought i’d give it a go to see if the #1 Tripadvisor rating matched reality.

This really is a motor inn style property, but don’t let this put you off. One could imagine it being 1980 with tacky orange decor but the owners of this property have really done a good job making this look modern and fresh. I was in town for a family wedding but they were all at the Masonic Hotel about 15mins walk from Pebble Beach. Which brings me to a small downside to Pebble Beach – the walk to town – a good 15mins at a good pace but more on that later.

I was on the top floor in Suite 15 which had great views over to the ocean and across the foreshore. The room had a comfy bed with comfy supportive pillows. The spa was fantastic and could easily fit a couple of people (more if you were adventurous!). The wireless was good and only occasionally dropped out which required me to re-enter the passcode. The small welcome basket on arrival contained a small fruit juice, small milk and cheese and crackers. Nice touch.

There is a elevator that can take you and your bags up to the top floor which is convenient, but it’s quite slow so you will find yourself using the stairs a bit – which wasn’t an issue for me. The shower was great but the amenities were spartan – cakes of soap and combined shampoo/conditioner was provided, this can be improved.

The process for booking the room was slightly antiquated e.g. I had to email through to find out if they had availability. I then had to submit a credit card form which was then processed manually by the staff. Seemed quite old school and could be improved, if not for me the customer but more-so for the property owners. However the staff were top notch and the English Blue resident cat was just adorable. Top marks for service at this property – if you want classic kiwi hospitality this is the place to come.

On the CBD distance thing. I was caught having late night drinks with family on Fri and Sat nights and had difficulty getting a taxi to take me back to Pebble Beach at 2am on both nights. The walk is unfriendly and fairly scary at that hour. On the Saturday night the Police had to bring me back to Pebble Beach as there were a bunch of locals being fairly intimidating whilst I was outside waiting for the cab. Not a great situation, but of course – this is of no fault of Pebble Beach. I was lucky a passing Police car was doing the rounds and they asked me if I needed any help.

The reason I bring it up is because other people may be stuck in the same position and the distance from the town centre to Pebble Beach may be an issue. This was fully disclosed on the website before booking so it didn’t come as a surprise. What did come as a surprise was the locals degenerates that terrorised the streets of Napier at that hour. Ferals.

Overall, a great experience at Pebble Beach. The property met all expectations and exceeded in some areas. Shame about the distance from the town centre.

For more information:

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