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  1. Nada says:

    Roger, August 11, 2009 at 5:53 pm Jackie,I thought like you, I had an Adel Melb fgilht which went without a hitch. On the way back, my Sunday night fgilht got bumped (6 weeks before to the 9.45 timeslot). It then got cancelled on Sunday night and I had to book my kids and myself into the Hilton for 2 nights. The earliest they could fly me us was Tuesday morning. I am supposed to be being re-imbursed $120 per person per night for the accom but I sincerely doubt that I will get it, as they all seemed to trained to tell you the same thing, but they didn’t appear to believe it themselves. If I do get paid, I will come back to this site and let you know, but I am not confident. Tiger’s attitude is nonchalant and arrogant very much your problem .My 3 return fgilhts from Adel to Melbourne will end up costing me well over $1100. Like many above, I’d say NEVER AGAIN and it’s worth paying a bit more up front to a reputable carrier and avoiding the surprises.

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