New Fiji Airways logo revealed by Air Pacific


Air Pacific has released its new logo when the airline changes its name to Fiji Airways in 2013.

As reported earlier this year, the airline is undergoing a major transformation as it awaits the arrival of its brand new A330’s.

The new logo was designed by Fijian artist Makereta Matemosi who is internationally renowned for her traditional masi art. The new logo features a series of specially designed motifs that carry special meaning to the culture and the people of Fiji. The artist said:

‘What I’ve created is something entirely different, and has never been seen in any of the Masi designs in Fiji. I hope this Masi symbol means a lot to our nation, our people, and our visitors, because we are proud of our country and proud of the new ‘Fiji Airways’.

To hear more from Makereta Matemosi and the story behind her masi art, watch this video.

Air Pacific CEO David Pflieger showing off the future Fiji Airways business class seats

The carrier has certainly putting in the hard yards to position itself as a more relevant choice for the flying public, and we are excited to see it make progress.

The first new A330 will enter service in March, with the remaining two aircraft arriving in May and November. There is no information as to when the remainder of the fleet will be repainted (though the airline will release full details of its new brand in October of this year).

For more information, have a read of the press release here.


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