Shhh… Is this the first shot of Virgin Australia’s new LAX lounge?


Until now, Virgin Australia has been using the old Alaskan Airlines lounge in Los Angeles for it’s trans-pacific passengers. It was (put simply) a hideous excuse for a lounge with ageing Alaskan decor and a lack of general amenities for travelling guests.

That is all about to change.

Renovations are almost complete in the LAX lounge and we eye-spied a pic on social media that shows us the reception area of the new lounge. Whilst its not much to go off, we can gather that the lounge is designed in the same style of the airlines domestic lounges in Australia. We can’t seem to sniff out any announcements from the airline, nor can we find any pics from the new lounge so we think this is a first glimpse.

Update: According to FlymeFunky readers, the lounge will become a joint Virgin America and Virgin Australia lounge.

The happy snapper chirpily quips “My work looks like a night club now lol”¬†with hashtags like¬†#turnupthemusic #WhereMyGoGoDancersAt.

Do you travel VA to the US and are you happy that the airline has upped its lounge-game?

Pic credit: @jenbunnaay / webstagram


5 Responses to Shhh… Is this the first shot of Virgin Australia’s new LAX lounge?

  1. Jonathan says:

    This is the entry to the lounge currently being used by Virgin. I was there in Friday. Apparently it is a soon to be Virgin America lounge according to the dragon.

  2. Jonathan says:


  3. Michael Edwards says:

    Yes I was at this terminal on saturday and asked the check in lady. She didn’t reveal too much but she did say that the old alaska airlines lounge will not be used much longer and the new lounge will be jointly used with virgin america as well as virgin australia (international). This is rather exciting for me!!!

    • Hayden says:

      Thanks Michael!

      You will have to snap a few pics when it opens and send them through – anything would be an improvement on the old Alaska lounge.

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