Revealed: Air Pacific’s New A330’s


After months of nail-biting anticipation, Air Pacific (or should we say Fiji Airways) has finally released details of its new aircraft livery and revamped cabin product to be delivered on its new A330 aircraft. The new birds are expected to take to the skies next year.

Flying under a new name and with a new brandmark, the new A330s represent the first aircraft designed exclusively for Fiji and Fiji’s national airline.

Dave Pflieger, Air Pacific’s MD and CEO, today said:

“The unveiling of the new look and features of our soon-to-arrive A330’s is the latest milestone in a series of initiatives that are a part of the Air Pacific’s restructuring and rebranding. We couldn’t think of a better way to honour Fiji’s national day holiday than to share a first glimpse of the exciting things in store for Fiji and our passengers”.

So what should passengers expect on the new aircraft? Showers? Cocktail bars? Not quite – but the airline has certainly made a commendable effort to improve on its current offering – and from the looks of things they have delivered the goods.

    The new A330’s are the first brand new aircraft that the airline has ever purchased. The seating was designed by Zodiac Aerospace/Weber and thankfully each passenger will have in-seat power. Passengers won’t only have to rely on their own devices as the airline will be installing Panasonic in-flight entertainment systems (which look fantastic in the pics).

    The cabins and seating come in refreshing light-tan and brown colours which ties in perfectly with the airlines new logo. Business class looks like Singapore Airlines’s regional business class and Virgin Australia’s business class on it’s domestic A330’s – distinguishable by the funky looking ‘flaps’ by the headrest. Economy looks like every other economy product but the new entertainment screens look as large as any other market leading airline.

    Check out the pics and let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or join in on the discussion on our Facebook page.

    Business Class 

    Air Pacific’s new Fiji Airways’ aircraft will be equipped with cloud-comfortable business class seats designed by Zodiac Aerospace/Weber.

    The new aircraft will be equipped with one of the most advanced in-flight entertainment systems flying today, designed and installed by Panasonic.

    Economy Class

    Air Pacific’s new Fiji Airways’ aircraft will be equipped with cloud-comfortable economy seats designed by Zodiac Aerospace/Weber.

    The unveiling of ‘Fiji Airways’ new livery and plane interiors is the latest milestone in a series of initiatives that are part of Air Pacific’s revitalisation and modernisation.


    Exterior shots

    Air Pacific’s new Fiji Airways’ Airbus A330s will be “Flying Ambassadors” for Fiji in 2013.

    The state-of-the-art Airbus A330s are the first flown with the first-ever highly fuel-efficient, low-CO2 emission Rolls Royce Trent 700 engines.

    The Rova symbol, on the aircraft engine, symbolises the warm greeting Fijians extend to visitors, while the Makare symbol, which appears in the prominent position and scale on the front and underside of the plane, communicates the new ‘Fiji Airways’ name by evoking the allure of clear water flowing on a white sandy beach.


    Now you know how you will fly to Fiji – have a look at our run down of some resorts that Fiji has to offer –  read more here.


      11 Responses to Revealed: Air Pacific’s New A330’s

      1. Will says:

        If this actually happens – guess who I’ll now be flying LAX-AKL on! :p

        • Hayden says:

          I don’t think you’ll be the only one. I could think of worse stop-over points than Fiji!

      2. Alexandre says:

        How many seats in each class ?

        • Hayden says:

          Hi Alexandre,

          I’ve trawled through the media release but the airline hasn’t commented on the number of seats at this stage.

          From the pictures however, there appears to be 24 business class seats in a 2 x 2 x 2 layout.

          I’m sure more information will come to light as we get closer to delivery.


      3. kiwi says:

        There is no point in changing the name and having new aircraft if the present crap service by the cabin crew remains.

      4. tuk says:

        change the cabin crew they are crappy

      5. Looks good to me! We need another option for routes between Australia and the USA as QF can be hard to get in J.

      6. Timothy says:

        Would love to see a 1:400 scale diecast model of the new Fiji Airways A330 made. I’m currently working on a model airport and the model would make a fantastic and beautiful addition! :)

      7. niko says:

        Amazing!! proud to be fijin and seeing the new airline to be in the skies.

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