Another glimpse from inside Virgin Australia’s ‘The Club’


Virgin Australia’s über exclusive ‘The Club’ lounges have been kept so under wraps that this was the only photo from within the club to end up in the public domain… until now.

It has been a particularly frustrating wait for more photos or information – I wondered if the clubs actually exist in the first place. The airline has taken great strides l to protect the sanctity of ‘The Club’ with rumours circulating that Virgin Australia John Borghetti must sign off on each and every invitation. How posh.

But we can wonder no more because Australian Frequent Flyer member time_flies posted a couple of tantalising photos from his visit in the Brisbane lounge last week. What we can see is a spacious area that has strong wooden tones, executive style leather recliners, fancy roof lighting and a small scattering of entertainment in the form of TV’s and chess boards:

Virgin Australia The Club Brisbane 2013 1

In this shot, we see a private area with two leather chairs and a unique table that appears to have some kind of extractable workspace. I wonder what the buttons are for?

Virgin Australia The Club Brisbane 2013 2

The menu is where it gets exciting. The food offerings look particularly interesting compared to the fairly bland fodder found in the standard Virgin lounges (hot dog anyone?) It certainly looks tantalising and more akin to a restaurant menu:

Virgin Australia The Club Brisbane 2013 3 Menu

If you have any photos or if you want to share your experience from a Virgin Australia ‘The Club’ visit, we would love to hear from you.

Thanks to time_flies who gave FlymeFunky permission to publish these photos.


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