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I was holidaying in Korea recently and decided to take a quick trip across to Japan and thought it was the perfect opportunity to test out a previously featured airline of the week.

The booking process with Peach was simple enough and what you would expect from a low cost carrier. I booked with carry on baggage only but did pay extra for a window seat.

Peach Airlines

Unfortunately I slept in on the morning of my flight (for a 10:05am departure) so after speeding off to Incheon International Airport I made it with 10 minutes to spare before check-in closed. There was a short wait at the check in counter and bags were weighed to ensure the carry on luggage weighed less than 10kgs. I was then directed to clear customs and immigration before jumping on the shuttle train to Terminal 2. There wasn’t a lot of time to check out the terminal but the waiting area for the flight was bright and airy with plenty of seats.

When boarding opened for my flight, those with window seats were asked to board first. The whole boarding process seemed to take half the time that it does on a domestic Australian flight. The 180 seat all economy Airbus A320 was approximately 75% full, and the flight attendants were pretty strict in enforcing the assigned seating. The two exit rows located directly behind me remained empty for the flight.

Peach interior

After a brief safety demonstration we were on our way with the perfunctory goodbye waving from the ground crew being a nice touch. Once we reached cruise altitude the cabin crew walked through the cabin offering drinks and snacks for purchase and prices were reasonable. A second cabin walk through was done for those wanting to purchase souvenirs and duty free items.

The slim line seats covered in various shades of pink and purple were quite comfortable and the arm rests could be raised to give a little extra space – although when the entire row was occupied people were happy to leave them up. Extra leg room was created by locating the seat pocket high up on the chair in front, which was good because my knees only had a couple of centimetres to spare. For those that are taller than 178cm, I would strongly recommend paying the extra for an exit row seat.

Peach Seat

The flight was uneventful and we descended into Kansai airport 1 hour and 25 minutes later. The return trip was much the same, though I had more time to spend at Kansai airport where Peach is the sole operator out of Terminal 2 – a short shuttle bus trip away from the main terminal. Check in at Kansai was done electronically, and there didn’t seem to be anyone weighing the luggage. Customs and immigration was completed with typical Japanese efficiency. The terminal was modern with a number of duty free shops and food options as well as a large smoking room that was operated by Mevius, a large Japanese tobacco company.

Peach terminal

All in all, Peach, the low cost off shoot of All Nippon Airlines, was not a bad experience at all for a short flight. If you are in the area and want to save a bit of cash I have no hesitation in recommending them.


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  1. Paul says:

    WARNING DO NOT USE – I’ve flown with peach about 5 times now, never again after this experience. I had a connecting flight which I booked on their website, so peach -> peach. Well the peache airline was delayed on the outward journey through no fault of my own, it was peaches responsibility not mine. Because I this I missed the connecting flight by about 2 minutes, peach representive did absolutely nothing, no transfer, no refund, no hotel support costs, no nothing apart from information, which was go and get a hotel come back tomorrow and pay 4x the cost I orginally paid for the connecting flight, absolutely crazy any other respectible airline wouldn’t hesitate to help and it’s even a regulation in the Europe for such things. Peach airline brings great shame to Japan. Did you know you can’t even complain except at the checkin desk and even they have no power, the only way to get in touch by phone is when they want to take your money. No complaints email either. THE WORST airline in the world I left with a bitter taste of Japan

    • Alison says:

      Its a low cost airline. What do you expect? Personally having experienced a missed connecting flight in Australia once, i would never organise my flights again in such a way as everything was dependent on smooth and timely arrival of there first flight and journey through customs etc. So i think Peach need not be punished for this problem. People need to just be aware of potential reasons for missed flight and take precautions.

  2. Sam says:

    It’s mentioned pretty explicitly numerous times on their website while booking . It’s in the T&C’s that you agreed to so they have no obligation to help you. I also completely agree with Allison, I always fly low-cost and always plan connecting flights with several hours stopover (if I had the option of 1-2hr stopover or a 15hr stopover I’d choose the latter).
    I’m about to fly peach and was hoping to know strict they are with carry-on baggage out of NRT. Maybe I’ll post an update later

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