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Tanjung Villa 6 Review

Pool area of Villa 6

My experience of the Tanjung Villas for 10 nights over the Christmas break was a tale of two extremes, a sub-par experience with the villas but with some really great service from staff who tried their best to help us out when needed. This review looks at two villas, Villa 6 and Villa 2.

Firstly, the cost. We had left the booking of the accommodation to the eleventh hour, so we were backed into a corner and had to choose Tanjung Villa’s in the absence of any other suitable options – not ideal. We paid $380 AUD/night for a 3 bedroom villa (Villa 6), but this is peak season in Bali so this was definitely cheaper than what we had expected to pay – which made us nervous.

We had previously used a private villa in Bali which we were using as a guide for comparison (see review here), which may be the reason why we were left disappointed by our stay at Tanjung Villa’s.

The location of the villa is quite a fair walk back from the main drag in Seminyak, with a 10-15min walk along narrow roads and broken footpaths – it certainly wasn’t central.

Tanjung Villa 6

Tanjung Villa 6 3

Checkin was at 2pm, but as my family had arrived earlier than I they managed this part of the process. Apparently the staff were polite and gave them a tour of the property. We had booked this villa for the whole ten night stay, though when I arrived later that evening my family were unimpressed with the property so we started to look at our options.

Initially, there were issues of cleanliness everywhere. The kitchen bench was dirty, the tap wouldn’t work and the kitchen would flood. The utensils, cutlery and plates were dirty and looked poorly cleaned.  The hot water had a stench in the kitchen and all the bathrooms – it was a mix between sulphur and rot – it was as foul as it sounds.

In the lounge, the 3 person chaise lounge didn’t seat the five of us, with some of us having to sit on the kitchen table chairs that weren’t very comfortable. The TV channels were limited, with a message constantly popping up saying ‘please pay your bill’. The TV in the main bedroom didn’t work. The pool was bright green, as if it hadn’t been cleaned in the prior weeks.

The bedrooms were pretty good we admit, the beds were fairly comfortable as were the pillows. There were no toiletries in the bathroom, meaning a walk to the local Bintang supermarket to stock up on supplies.

The next morning I shot off a list of issues to the managing agent, who happened to stop past the villa to discuss the issues that morning. Initially there was denial that the property was unclean, but a simple demonstration of scraping off black grime from the bench top in the kitchen showed otherwise. I then asked if there was another property we could move to – to which she said she would look into for us.

She came back and advised that there was Villa 2 available, but only for 5 nights. We would need to move back to Villa 6 for the last couple of nights. We agreed that this would be OK and I paid an extra $30USD/night to make it all happen.

Tanjung Villa 2

Tanjung Villa 2 5

Tnajung Villa 2 1

The move was fairly painless, the villa coordinator used her personal car and helped us move our bags over to the new Villa, which was on a parallel street. Opening the doors to the new villa showed a far more spacious property with a large kitchen (with functioning taps), a high bar with bar stools, a more roomy lounge (though only a 3 seater couch again), and a larger pool with a pagoda at one end.

The television in the lounge had a much better selection of channels. Oddly there were speakers and cords for a DVD player and a stereo system but no actual stereo system or DVD player in sight.

The open bathroom ensuites were much more spacious and had baths in each, there was also a small bathroom off the kitchen. The bedrooms were larger and the beds comfortable, with a separate walk in robe to store our bags and belongings. The air-conditioning in the bedrooms wasn’t as powerful as we liked, though we persevered.

Tanjung Villa 2 3

Tanjung Villa 2 4

The pool was a beautiful blue colour and it wasn’t long before we were in the pool escaping the humid Bali weather. 

A point of difference to other villas in Bali is that the staff weren’t on site full time, meaning they would come in, do a clean, and disappear. In Villa Martine (see review link above), we had a maid that was on site during daylight hours and would potter around doing bits and pieces throughout the day. The cleaning at the Tanjung villas was generally OK but seemed rushed and not very thorough.

The fridges in both villas were very small… and would struggle against the hot weather and a full load of christmas food. It was extremely hard trying to keep food and drinks cool for five people with a fridge of this size (more akin to a bar fridge).

Tanjung Villa 2 2

Back to Tanjung Villa 6

Unfortunately the five nights was over before we knew it and we had to move back to Villa 6. Again the very helpful villa coordinator got her car and moved us back, a nice gesture. She assured us that the issues we raised when we first arrived had been fixed, and to their credit – they were.

The tap was replaced in the kitchen meaning no more floods. There was new cutlery, the pool was nice and blue which was great to see but the water from the taps still smelled awful.

Tanjung Villa 6 2

Unfortunately most of us got Bali Belly for our last few days of our stay. The staff were very concerned and were willing to call doctors for us – though we decided to ride it out without medical intervention. Their genuine concern and offers of assistance were greatly appreciated.

On checkout day, we had a further conundrum where the new villa we were moving to (at a separate facility at the end of Seminyak) was overbooked. The Tanjung Villa staff handled all communications with the other villa and they were equally as concerned for how we would find a two night villa for New Years Eve.

Thankfully our travel agent stuffed up and we were put up in a new property in Jimbaran. The staff at Tanjung were extremely helpful during those last days and it really changed our perception of the property. Notwithstanding the minor irritating issues with the Tanjung villas, we still had a great time spending Christmas with family, which is what really matters.

Would I recommend the Tanjung Villas to friends? It’s hard to say but probably not… while the staff showed true customer service ethic during most interactions, the fact remains that the the hard product is aimed at a lower end of the market and didn’t meet our expectations. We would’ve found more suitable accommodation had we been more organised, so I will take this on the chin and remember that advance planning has it’s advantages!

– Hayden


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