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Hotel Supplied Photo - One Bedroom Apartment

Review: Bianco off Queen, Auckland

I don’t know if it was because the previous night I was cramped in a noisy, smelly, sweaty 6 bed backpacker┬ádormitory, but despite some unfavourable reviews the Bianco off Queen turned out to be a pretty decent apartment for the

Sharma Sukhimvit

Review: Shama Sukhimvit, Bangkok

Shama Sukhimvit, Bangkok 3 Bedroom Deluxe We decided to stay at this Bangkok property as it was one of the few rentals that was available with 3 bedrooms in the one apartment. The location was right in middle of Bangkok

Studio with Balcony

Eightville Apartments: Sukhumvit, Bangkok

Studio with Balcony I am a firm believer that funky does not necessarily need to mean expensive, and the Eightville Apartments in the other “City of Angels”, Bangkok, is a good example. Located down the end of Sukhumvit Soi 8