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Virgin Australia The Club Brisbane 2013 1

Another glimpse from inside Virgin Australia’s ‘The Club’

Virgin Australia’s über exclusive ‘The Club’ lounges have been kept so under wraps that this was the only photo from within the club to end up in the public domain… until now. It has been a particularly frustrating wait for more


Lounge Review: Qantas Sydney First Class Lounge

Fabian Brimfield is a passionate aviation lawyer in training at the City University of Hong Kong, who is fuelled by Champagne & Greasy Noodles. Fabian runs a new food blog called The Hungry Gwailo offering a unique take on Hong Kong’s expansive

Qantas domestic business class entree

Flight Review: Qantas QF577 Sydney to Perth (Business Class)

I couldn’t hide my disappointment. It had been years since I had travelled Qantas, let alone a flight departing at midday. I had neglected to remember the ‘no alcohol before 12’ rule in the business class lounge. As I bashfully glanced

Virgin Australia The Club Sydney

First glimpse of Virgin Australia’s ‘The Club’

An eagle eyed reader of Flymefunky alerted us to what appears to be the first picture from within Virgin Australia’s exclusive lounge in Sydney. Virgin Australia recently completed construction of ‘The Club’ in Sydney and construction is underway in other capital

Qantas First Lounge Sydney 1

How the Qantas ‘First’ lounge breeds brand loyalty

‘Totara’ is a guest writer of FlymeFunky and this is his first post with us. Here he explains why he loves Qantas and how the First lounge is instrumental to his loyalty to the airline… If Qantas were searching for

Note the slanted right wall reminiscent of the oak sculptures that divide the Sydney lounge

Pics of the NEW Qantas First lounge in Hong Kong [Updated]

UPDATE: As news on this story spread, it was inevitable that Qantas would comment about the authenticity of the below pictures. Unfortunately it appears that these are not the plans for the new Hong Kong lounge (which is odd because


Qantas chucks the Jumbo’s back on to LAX-JFK!

Qantas previously offerred flights to New York via Los Angeles on its 747-400 aircraft but some time ago pulled the jumbo’s off the route citing low demand. This caused outrage for first class flyers who had to downgrade to business